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Titilagarh Municipality

About Titilagarh Municipality

The Titilagarh Municipality was initially constituted as Notified Area Council (N.A.C.), Titilagarh vide LSG Deptt. Notification No. 6397 / LSG Dated. 17.11.1951 under Orissa Municipal Act. 1950. It is further upgraded to Titilagarh Municipality vide H&UD Notification No. 4906 / Dated 24.02.2014.

Geographic :

Titilagarh is located at 20.3° (N) 83.15° (E). It has an average elevation of 215 metres (705 feet). It was once considered the hottest place in India (Leaving aside the Thar desert.) At present the situation’s changed, clearly showing the effect of Green Revolution. It was famous for its rising temperature, particularly in summer and decreases during the winter.